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Jennice Huang is a multi-talented pianist and music educator passionate about bringing classical music to life. With over seven years of experience as an accompanist, she has honed her skills to provide seamless musical accompaniment for ballet and contemporary dance performances at Elmhurst Dance School. Her musical talent and ability to enhance the performance experience have earned her recognition as a sought-after performer.

In addition to her work as an accompanist, Jennice is a skilled piano teacher at Shades Music. She inspires students of all ages to discover their musical potential and fosters a love for music through her patient and knowledgeable approach. With her emphasis on technical skill development and creative expression, Jennice helps her students grow into confident and accomplished pianists.

Jennice Huang's dedication to her craft and students is evident in all she does. In addition, her passion for music and commitment to excellence make her a valuable asset to Elmhurst Dance School and Shades Music.

Jennice's musical journey began at Prayner Konzervatorium Vienna for Music and Dramatic Arts, where she earned an Artistic Diploma in Music Performance. This program provided her with a solid foundation in classical piano performance. In addition, it allowed her to develop the technical skills and artistic expression necessary for a successful career as a pianist.

She holds a Master of Music in Performance from the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, where she honed her performing skills and gained a deep understanding of musical theory and interpretation.

Before her time in Birmingham, Jennice studied at Schubert Conservatory Vienna, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Music Performance. This program provided her with a strong foundation in classical performance and music theory, preparing her for the next stage of her education.

Jennice has also served as a piano accompanist, including at the World Peace Choral Festival in Vienna. In this role, she accompanied the Unison Children's choir during rehearsals and performances at the Musikverein. She was also responsible for ensuring the safeguarding and well-being of visiting choral students, researching venues, and organizing activities for the choir, including a tour from the United Nations Headquarters to the Palaise Augarten. Jennice's fluency in both German and English made her an invaluable asset to the festival.

Jennice Huang's work experience demonstrates her dedication to her craft and ability to perform in various musical settings. Her talent, versatility, and commitment to excellence make her a valuable asset to any musical organization.

Jennice Huang is seeking new students who are passionate about music and eager to develop their piano skills. With her wealth of experience as a performer and teacher, Jennice is well-equipped to help students of all ages and levels reach their musical goals. Whether you are a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced player seeking to refine your technique, Jennice's patient and knowledgeable approach will help you reach new heights in your musical journey.

If you are interested in studying with Jennice, please send the email.

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